EZ WHEEL TIRE DYNO by Five Point Fabrication

ProWheel from Dillon Floyd Weitl on Vimeo.

This is for a EZ Wheel Tire Dyno by Five Point Fabrication

The EZ Wheel (by Five Point Fabrication)  is a high quality, made in the USA, tool that no racer should be without. It allows you to mount and air up your tires without putting them on a rim. It requires no tools to mount and dismounts in seconds with no effort. The EZ Wheel mounts to any prep stand. It comes standard with 5on5 and wide 5 mount.  It makes sizing a tire for true stagger siping, grooving, grinding, and anything you do to prepare your racing tires can be done on the EZ wheel.

There are 4 models to choose from.

The 10" does micro sprint car tires.

The 13" model does midget car tires.

There are two different 15" models.

The first model does wide tires for late model and 8" for mod and stockcar. 

The second model will do sprint car tires. 

 These will all mount onto the Tire Demon Base Machine! 


Five Point Fabrication